Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile

The flexibility and form ability of aluminium also guarantee virtually unlimited design potential, and the extrusion process offers an almost infinite range of forms and sections, allowing designers and architects to integrate numerous functions and shapes into the profile.

Architectural Aluminium Profile

The production of architectural aluminum profile such as store fronts, window and door, curtain walls, commercial entry doors and walkway covers. And some structural products like commercial AD frame, garden fence, ceiling tile, etc. These include both standard and thermally broken aluminum profiles.

Industrial Aluminium Profile

Quality industrial aluminum profile which are considered as important auxiliary materials with regards to hardware, machinery, electromechanical parts and solar PV products. We can produces in line with customer's own design with widths within 300mm.Both aluminium alloy 6063 or 6061 are available.

CNC Machining Aluminum Profile

Machining is any of various processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. The processes that have this common theme, controlled material removal, are today collectively known as subtractive manufacturing, in distinction from processes of controlled aluminum profile addition, which are known as additive manufacturing. Exactly what the "controlled" part of the definition implies can vary, but it almost always implies the use of machine tools (in addition to just power tools and hand tools).

Anodized Aluminum Profile

anodizing process is used for protecting the surface, and Matt Anodized Silver is the best seller which you can hardly find mechanical lines on the surface (better than other factories) with beautiful fine sand blasting processing. The surface with an anodizing thickness between 10 and 13 micron can hardly be scratched, small scratch marks can be easily removed.

Powder Coating Aluminum Profile

powder coated aluminium profile is to use the electrostatic coating principle, the dry powder adsorbed on the aluminum profile, after more than 200°bake temperature, the powder solidified into a layer of more than 60 micron thick solid bright coating, the aluminum profiles are well decorated and protected by the paint.

Wooden Grained Aluminum Profile

Nowadays wood grain aluminum alloy profile has been used in aluminum doors, aluminum windows, aluminum curtain wall etc.

Fluorocarbon Coating Profile

Fluorocarbon coating is the aluminium profile after a rigorous surface treatment of chromium coating, so that the decorative surface of the aluminium profiled coated with a layer of uniform coating.

Electrophoresis Aluminum Profile

Electrophoresis is the process of migration of charged molecules through solutions in an applied electric field.

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